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Wilhelmina "Mina" Harker (née Murray)

You may know her as the protagonist in Bram Stoker's 1897 Gothic Horror novel, Dracula.

Miss Mina Murray begins her adventure a young schoolteacher - possibly no older than 19 or 20 -, engaged to the English solicitor, Jonathan Harker.
While he is away on a business trip in the Carpathian Mountains to discuss legal support for a real estate business with one Count Dracula, Mina makes her way to Whitby, so as to visit her best friend: Miss Lucy Westenra. Little does she know that Jonathan has been nothing imprisoned by the count and later left at the hands of three vampire women ("the sisters", also commonly referred to as Dracula's brides or alternatively his daughters) and the brink of his sanity.

In Whitby, however, strange things soon begin to happen: the Demeter, a Russian ship that had been stationed in Varna turns up with the entire crew missing and the captain's log detailing a horrifying situation at sea where he, himself, had to bind himself to the helm of the ship. In that ship were large crates of Transylvanian mould and dirt, as well as silver sand and some seemed to have witnessed a large dog leaping ashore only to disappear off somewhere.

Needless to say - with Jonathan supposedly at the mercy of the vampire women, Count Dracula was able to make it to his destiny, England. Furthermore he began to track down both Mina and Lucy, who soon became engaged to one of three suitors, Arthur Holmwood. The other two were Quincey Morris and John Seward.

Finding an easy ally in one of Seward's insane patients, Reinfeld, Dracula keeps a mental leash on him, communicating with him while visiting Lucy at night and consuming her blood, thus making her considerably ill in the process. It is then that professor Abraham Van Helsing is invited to examine her and it doesn't take him long to find out the cause of her affliction - however, he also knows that it is too late to save her and he, along with her three suitors, must dispose of her corpse lest she keep murdering innocent children as she had been doing.

At this point, Mina is actually in Budapest. Having learnt of Jonathan's escape from the vampire women and his stay at a convent and subsequent mental breakdown, she helps nurse him back to health and it is then that the two finally wed. They return to England as a married couple, but only to discover the tragic news that Lucy has passed away. Along with her suitors and Van Helsing, they plot to get rid of the Count, but he's privy to their plans and exacts his own before they know it: he visits Mina on three occasions, in which he attacks her and feeds her his own blood. This creates a mental link between the two, under which he can control her, but she, too, can perceive his actions and his surroundings.

Before she can succumb to his curse, they neutralize his homes in England and chase him back to Transylvania, with Mina guiding the rest of the crew due to her inherent telepathic link with the vampire.

Mina is saved by the group's efforts to destroy the vampire women and then Dracula himself. Quincey is mortally wounded, though there is a note that he is one of the people that the Harker's child was named after.

She is, in short, too kind but not naïve enough to fall for the same trick twice. Mina is not presented as wholly defenseless or meek. Though she is devoted to Jonathan and chooses to nurse him back to health and lead a married life, this is not at all a sign of weakness on her behalf. Mina has strong morals; family, love, friendship. Loyalty. Truth. And she is a bit of the Team Mom in all of it. She is both the character who looks after others without requesting the same in return, but the one who must struggle with Dracula's curse without getting the chance to simply lie down and await her fate - which she would want to defy, anyway.

Though yes, she is looked after and protected by a group of men, she was also purposefully targeted by a vampire who sought her out. And her abilities prove vital in discovering him and disposing of him for good.

She's a character with a lot of depth; she begins as a caring schoolteacher, however in the span of a few months her life is completely changed and, by the end of it, she might as well end with Dracula's severed head in her hand and hunting vampires with the group*.

*this is not actually depicted in the novel an it is just a hyperbole to show the other end of it.

Note: that Mina's telepathic abilities are available to her after she is attacked by Dracula, but supposedly disappear after he dies. However, I do so adore AUs where she is turned, so if you want to play something? Let me know.


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